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Foundation for Future Education is working with two education programs for children and youth, parents and teachers. Our goal is to reach homes, private and public schools, to pilot the programs first in Estonia and make them available also in other countries.


Education for self-empowerment and joy of life

Education program created by teachers to empower children and youth with self-knowledge and skills, e.g. how to manage attention and negative emotions, how to find inner peace and balance in a simple way. Today’s school system is mainly oriented on teaching about the outer world and we find it worrying that children and youth are diagnosed with stress, depression and other mental health issues at an even greater rate and in younger age (e.g. loneliness, worthlessness, meaningless, addictive or suicidal behavior).

We want to prevent such problems and want our children to become healthy and happy human beings. Inner peace also naturally affects the relationships that a young person builds with others and the surrounding and increases human ability to overcome contradictions and conflicts affecting our societies and living environments today.

The program includes training for teachers, children and youth, mentoring and follow-up. It can be included as well to complement the human studies program already part of the school curriculum.

It is created in Estonia and based on Practical Consciousness, an inner education program initially meant for adults, taught for 10+ years by Ingvar Villido, modern wisdom teacher and master of kriya yoga.


Education for creating a positive and sustainable world

Children have an innate ability to dream, though their dreams may seem unrealistic to parents and teachers. Yet what parents see as fantasy is very much a reality for the children.

With this philosophy, Gunter Pauli and ZERI created a series of Fables that form the starting point of a fascinating learning journey through science. These 365 stories are inspired by scientists, entrepreneurs and by Nature. The Fables are designed specifically to awaken intelligence and the seed of entrepreneurship in every adult-to-be. Based on teaching five intelligences: four intelligences – academic, emotional, artistic, ecological – can be combined so as to create connections and the ability to implement change.

Learners of all ages connect best with stories. Stories engage the emotions and make content memorable. Learning science through stories is unorthodox, but it makes learning science both easy and enjoyable! The fables also present academic knowledge in a way that makes it relevant to daily life – it becomes a tool that children can use creatively when thinking about the challenges and opportunities of the world we live in. Grasping systems enable us to see connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. For students to create sustainable business models and communities, they must be able to use the systems inherent in nature as inspiration.

A learning system based on the combination of these five intelligences gives youth the keys for the challenges they will face in our changing world. With this approach, future generations will be full of creativity, ready to innovate, with clear ethical values. Most importantly, they will be determined to create a better world, such as their teachers and parents could never have imagined.

The Fables are translated into many languages. They are intended to be made available to all the children of the planet, at home and in school. Created by ZERI Learning Initiative and visionary entrepreneur Gunter Pauli who dedicates half of his time to education starting at kindergarten.



For further information please contact: Ave Oit, ave.oit(at)